July 15 2016

This nation show a magnificent example about how a country is defended by using their body as a shield against tanks, bullets and jets.

July 15 Foundation

Our Mission

Our mission is to extend solidarity and unity consciousness of our nation who standing proud against treacherous coup attempt in 2016, July 15 and not allowing a chance to the this attempt and carry to the next generations; to cherish the memory of our martyrs who shows an glorious homeland defence by using their bodies as a shield at 15th of July while this traitorous Coup attempt occurs; to become protector, guardian, brother, friend to the families of our martyrs, our woundeds and to families of wounded, to act on this path and to coordinate of the activities which will be planned by joint owners.

1- Republic of Turkey Presidency, Head Ministry, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Family and Social Politics Affairs, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Governorships, district governorships, municipalities, press organs, law enforcement agency, Turkish Armed Forces.

Our Vision

Our vision is, to carry the events happened before and after 15th of July, 2016 to the next generations, by building communal social memory; to ensure remembering not only cherished memories of our martyrs and woundeds,but those vile people who executes this traitorous coup attempt as well. to extend national solidarity and unity consciousness and ensure every each citizen have this consciousness.

Activity Areas

Aligned with the framework of the mission and vision, our organization will organize social support, education support, and will coordinate of the activities which is being planned by joint owners and ensure fair and solid dispatch, continuity of this support , for the families of our martyrs, woundeds, families of woundeds.

Our organization also will talk at national and international platforms about this treacherous coup attempt happened in 15th of July 2016, will ensure of this treacherousness of this coup attempt kept alive in the memory of national and international consciousness.

To extend and increase national solidarity and unity consciousness, our organization will develop education, research and communication projects and will coordinate such activities that is planned by joint ventures.


Mustafa VarankCevat OlçokA. Tarık Şebik
Zeynep BayramoğluHasan Kaçan

Members of the Board

A. Tarık ŞebikZeynep BayramoğluDündar Ziya GültekinÖmer Seyfi AktülünNurettin Korkut
Hasan KaçanZekeriya ErdimProf. Dr. Yusuf TekinSedat AyyıldızAyşe Ergezen
İlhami ÇilZafer DemezBanu ElMuaz Ergezenİsmail Hakkı Turunç

Audit Committee Members

Mehmet ÇelikMehmet FındıkçıErdem Demir



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